Hello Pot, I am Kettle!

I just got called “vuile homo” (filthy gay) from a car driver with his passenger, with laughter, which escalated quickly towards trying to drive me over in most stupid and clumsy way. I was neutrally dressed, altho in a OnePiece with short hair.

Dear f*cked up stranger; I don’t got any problems with the fact you don’t know my sexual orientation by just looking at me, since it usually belongs mostly “inside the bedroom” at home and it doesn’t even matter, but trying to drive me over by a figment in your imagination is over the limit.

Next to that, the clothes you wear were also not a standard habit in our culture, so dear POT, I am KETTLE, want to step into my glass house?!..

‪#‎nodiscrimination‬ ‪#‎respect‬ ‪#‎liveandletlive‬

Miscalculation in ancient writings, lol!

At this very moment, cults and humans are preparing to prepare for suicide, all because of a miscalculation in ancient writings, where humanity doesn’t even understand half about …

If you want to “use” science for the good, do it good, but not as irrational as 2% of the world population is doing.

Go-on, think about prepping towards the end of the world and be a pure Darwinnian example ; while 98% of the rest of the world will continue their lives towards a new fucking new-year! Continue reading “Miscalculation in ancient writings, lol!”