In memorial to Troy!

As I am silent, as also very reliant,
I am in a lot of grief, Someone nice had to leave,
Troy, a name to mention, causing me a lot of tension,
One of my best friends died, so hoped he had won his fight,
You always had advice, where a true friend relies,
Even you lived miles away,
You teached me to be open,
You showed me certain ethics, language and lyrics! Continue reading “In memorial to Troy!”

In memorial for John!

I don’t got a lot of words for what happened to you John, I know you for about 10 years, you where 7 years my record supplier and brought me sometimes the best (and also worst) music I could imagine. I am missing your vibe, that always happy face, even if it was a mask for pain behind it … Continue reading “In memorial for John!”

Troy, a kindof special name!

Troy … it’s kindof a special name …
I have heard it before, as the horse of Troy,
but also as Troy in the movie(2) and also with the nice vocals of Sinead O’Connor(3)(only this Troy I know is sure NOT a lawyer!)

Troy, the guy I know, is somebody I will remember for my entire life … He changed me in a lot of things, he learned me to be extrovert instead of introvert. Continue reading “Troy, a kindof special name!”