Banana not for every mouth!

Banana not for every mouth!

First of all, take that hand out of my trousers.

Good, If you wonder what that was, yes, it was a big banana and I might be glad to see you but you might not be the monkey to eat it. Secondly you do not come closer than 2 feet to my lips except if you are a chilled glass with a nice beverage.

If you don’t know me in real life; then don’t be judge, jury and executioner on me. Don’t base your facts on a photo; it’s not even a second of a lifetime. If you want to get in touch with me you better have an open mind, a sense of tolerance and respect or you are out.

Don’t you want to be a friend of me? I’ll share some wisdom with you: Accept me like I am; an individual person with a voice and a sharp mind. Continue reading “Banana not for every mouth!”

Troy, a kindof special name!

Troy … it’s kindof a special name …
I have heard it before, as the horse of Troy,
but also as Troy in the movie(2) and also with the nice vocals of Sinead O’Connor(3)(only this Troy I know is sure NOT a lawyer!)

Troy, the guy I know, is somebody I will remember for my entire life … He changed me in a lot of things, he learned me to be extrovert instead of introvert. Continue reading “Troy, a kindof special name!”

A poem to a personal friend

What if your heart was a teddybear,
I would not be able to get away or to get near,
So I would need to hug you as close as your heart,
That’s how nice you are, you are somebody apart…

This is not a poem of love,
though a certain freedom I felt .. like a flying dove,
free in the sky, a pleasant feeling, a pleasant stay,
I find it nice to make you that bit happy, all the way … Continue reading “A poem to a personal friend”