Let’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!

FeaturedLet’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!

Humans, what an incredible word.

We are considered the most intelligent specie on the Planet, however, we are the worst. What we do in this world? Who brought us here? What’s our mission in this world? Maybe we’ll never understand it, but it seems that our only mission is to continue with its destruction.

Have you ever considered that this planet does not belong to us? Either way, its care is in our hands. They were here way before us, we are nothing but their guests. We came and invade their territory and we are destroying their home. The’ve been tolerant, we’ve been forgiven countless times, but we keep ignoring their situation. Continue reading “Let’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!”

Water isn’t a human right!

Water isn’t a human right!

The chairman of Nestle says “water isn’t a human right”. According the CEO, water is considered food and should be privatised.

This same company, owned by Monsanto, has patented human breast milk. [patent: 8012509]. These corporations try to force women (and babies) to use their artificial products, instead of conventional breastfeeding. Governments try to control the body of each one of us, through the lobbying of these companies. Continue reading “Water isn’t a human right!”