Injecting Krokodiles are bad!

Where is that good old time of the hippies, when drugs were cool, safe, spacey and mindblowing? Not this age, where your mind is taken over or your bodyparts are rotting off..

We’re in a new era, where drugs like “Devil’s Breath” take over your free will entirely, “Bath Salts” making you crazy and “Krokodil” which is the “new” low-budget drug rotting off bodyparts.. Continue reading “Injecting Krokodiles are bad!”


Life is too short for assumptions!

Life is too short for assumptions!

Look at this as a long rant, a few pages from a book which you have been reading. That book is called reality and it gets to you around you in full three-dimensional projection. It gives you senses to smell, look and hear; but there is more inside of you and that’s happiness and sadness, to be frightened and attracted to which lives around us. It’s because reality is so hard to change, because it happens day after day with cause and effect, where we have so little to say in. It’s time in it’s purest form. Continue reading “Life is too short for assumptions!”