Injecting Krokodiles are bad!

Where is that good old time of the hippies, when drugs were cool, safe, spacey and mindblowing? Not this age, where your mind is taken over or your bodyparts are rotting off..

We’re in a new era, where drugs like “Devil’s Breath” take over your free will entirely, “Bath Salts” making you crazy and “Krokodil” which is the “new” low-budget drug rotting off bodyparts.. Continue reading “Injecting Krokodiles are bad!”

Mattering cheap electronics!

Mattering cheap electronics!

Yesterday I went to the local electronics store where stuff gets sold for audio, video, oscilloscopes, multimeters, solder, crocodile clamps and lots moreā€¦

I needed to make a cable for the Fluke CableIQ qualification tester to check pin by pin; since this cable was not in stock at the dealer and it would probably cost 100x more anyways. I went in the store in a hurry, got the equipment with me and we had the following dialog: Continue reading “Mattering cheap electronics!”