Hello Pot, I am Kettle!

I just got called “vuile homo” (filthy gay) from a car driver with his passenger, with laughter, which escalated quickly towards trying to drive me over in most stupid and clumsy way. I was neutrally dressed, altho in a OnePiece with short hair.

Dear f*cked up stranger; I don’t got any problems with the fact you don’t know my sexual orientation by just looking at me, since it usually belongs mostly “inside the bedroom” at home and it doesn’t even matter, but trying to drive me over by a figment in your imagination is over the limit.

Next to that, the clothes you wear were also not a standard habit in our culture, so dear POT, I am KETTLE, want to step into my glass house?!..

‪#‎nodiscrimination‬ ‪#‎respect‬ ‪#‎liveandletlive‬

Let’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!

FeaturedLet’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!

Humans, what an incredible word.

We are considered the most intelligent specie on the Planet, however, we are the worst. What we do in this world? Who brought us here? What’s our mission in this world? Maybe we’ll never understand it, but it seems that our only mission is to continue with its destruction.

Have you ever considered that this planet does not belong to us? Either way, its care is in our hands. They were here way before us, we are nothing but their guests. We came and invade their territory and we are destroying their home. The’ve been tolerant, we’ve been forgiven countless times, but we keep ignoring their situation. Continue reading “Let’s understand we have to co-exist on the same planet!”

Injecting Krokodiles are bad!

Where is that good old time of the hippies, when drugs were cool, safe, spacey and mindblowing? Not this age, where your mind is taken over or your bodyparts are rotting off..

We’re in a new era, where drugs like “Devil’s Breath” take over your free will entirely, “Bath Salts” making you crazy and “Krokodil” which is the “new” low-budget drug rotting off bodyparts.. Continue reading “Injecting Krokodiles are bad!”

A healthy world can only be achieved with healthy motives!

A few quotes of Dr. Rath’s Call to the people (13/03/2012)

02:11 “We will no longer allow financial interests to hoodwink and misuse us, nor stand by indifferently as they seek to realize their aim of commercial and political subjugation of whole nations by sacrificing millions of humans life.”

02:43 “We say to you, Frau Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy, and all the other political puppets of the cartel, that this modern Europe you’re trying to shove down our throats has a stink about it. It smells mouldy to us, as if it’s been lurking in the drawers of the old Kaizer and Nazi eras, when inhumane plans for European subjugation by the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel when first conceived.” Continue reading “A healthy world can only be achieved with healthy motives!”

Miscalculation in ancient writings, lol!

At this very moment, cults and humans are preparing to prepare for suicide, all because of a miscalculation in ancient writings, where humanity doesn’t even understand half about …

If you want to “use” science for the good, do it good, but not as irrational as 2% of the world population is doing.

Go-on, think about prepping towards the end of the world and be a pure Darwinnian example ; while 98% of the rest of the world will continue their lives towards a new fucking new-year! Continue reading “Miscalculation in ancient writings, lol!”

With statistics you can prove anything!

With statistics you can prove anything!

The problem of today is that everyone needs to fit in a category. It starts where science, faith and its added prejudice melts together to a standard for everyone. Everyone needs to belong in a certain category because everything can be statistically proven.

Even our children are being prepared to a consumption standard and to perform as best as possible. When they don’t perform well; they will be given stimulants to perform better as expected by their parents. Continue reading “With statistics you can prove anything!”