Welcome to my old, but yet new blog. ZKboi.com exists already since 1998, was interrupted in 2009 and continued till 2012. In 2015, I started to recover all data needed to restart this blog.

It has been quite a while, that I’ve published my thoughts on the web and with this fast changing world, I think it is time to start again from where I left off.

I am ZKboi; already known on the web for many years through my many projects, especially the zkboi.com site, the blog, Project ART and much more.

So, Who am I?

  • I am fully 50/50
  • I consider myself neutral
  • No bullshit policy
  • Always 100% respect
  • Demand 100% respect back
  • Always in for a challenge
  • Stirred, Not shaken
  • Single Malt
  • B-Creative or B-nothing
  • Completely Uncontrollable
  • B-honest or B-square
  • Insane, but sweet
  • 100% pure ZKboi
  • Don’t play with me!
  • Autistic, ADHD, Sensitive, Weird
  • Anything else?

So, What can I expect?

  • Privacy and security oriented information
  • Equal rights
  • Art, Photos and more
  • All kinds of information towards ASS (Autism) and ADHD

A few interesting links are:

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