I hate to be single, but I will survive and my heart will only grow stronger, ready for the one to feel it;

I love to be single, because I got to care less, but yet again, I have always been a caring person in many regards.

I hate to be different, because it is difficult to be indifferent, to form and maintain human relations and possibilities;

I love to be different because that is what we humans are. If we would not be different in the first place, there would be no diversity. Imagine an entire world made out of black and white colors.

I love that I can’t hate, because with that quality, I can focus upon trying to see the best in every human being. Because good and the bad sides, are what defines us as intelligent race on this planet.

So, I guess it is an intertwined relation of love and hate, like ying and yang, to keep the heart yonder and the soul and mind in true balance..

Why do I tell you this?

I don’t know, I think it is a right mindset to share
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PS: I hate spiders and mosquitoes
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