I can love anyone who is blonde, long, short, black haired, african, bi, brown or blue eyes, gay or straight, long haired, boy or girl, thick or thin, asian or caucasian, poor or rich..

My universal love towards people is towards who and how they are instead of from where they are. This combined with my autism, makes me an entire political challenge in that available spectrum.

It makes me not even belong to any political direction, so why would my mentality be limited, by the limited thinking processes of others, to just be pushed into a political faction, while there is SO MUCH MORE to discover than only left or right, good and wrong. Next to that, I got a certain set of preferences, like any human on this planet.

I am not living for politics, I am living to love and to be loved, to respect and to be respected.

There is humanity and inhumanity, let’s start there, will we?!