First of all, take that hand out of my trousers.

Good, If you wonder what that was, yes, it was a big banana and I might be glad to see you but you might not be the monkey to eat it. Secondly you do not come closer than 2 feet to my lips except if you are a chilled glass with a nice beverage.

If you don’t know me in real life; then don’t be judge, jury and executioner on me. Don’t base your facts on a photo; it’s not even a second of a lifetime. If you want to get in touch with me you better have an open mind, a sense of tolerance and respect or you are out.

Don’t you want to be a friend of me? I’ll share some wisdom with you: Accept me like I am; an individual person with a voice and a sharp mind. Friends have no age limits or boundaries, only understanding and mutual thoughts and a basic fact of acceptance; although I must say I feel much easier with people around my age. I’m normally busy with work, live with it.

If I would like coffee I’d like it black. Like it originated from the source, beans without taints. I’m not a toy and I’m not meant for small children or big babies! Sex can be acquired anywhere; love is rather scarce and very selective.

I’m rather very picky and wanting to do the long term instead of a short one-time one-night-stand-vanishing-into-thin-air thing. I will be rather waiting for the challenging path of life instead of the expected path.

When you are now done reading this you will find out one thing about me …

I`m human too and you had a good read 😉