Worldwide surveillance doesn’t only attack the privacy of any civilian, but also the future of our companies and their developments. When all forms of communications are stored for later review, development for a new product will be at stake at any random time, with the right keywords.

The EU is the petri-dish for industrial espionage of a foreign ally, blindly allowed by most of our governments in Europe. A recipe for disaster and a true stagnant for open development in many EU countries. The EU does currently not support software patents, while the USA is outrun by patent-trolls and patent-mongers for the right buck..

The Internet cannot be used anymore as means to communicate safely, for the development of new and competitive products, without passing through details to the UK/US, to be patented by an interested company ; or; did you already forget the case of Echelon and Alcatel in the early nineties?

Certificates and random number generators are making safety only an illusion at this moment.

Information is power,
when are our governments going to protect their own domain?

The photo was taken by ZKboi at Antwerp, Belgium, representing “a sunny view through the broken glass, by design”. ‪#‎infispow‬