The chairman of Nestle says “water isn’t a human right”. According the CEO, water is considered food and should be privatised.

This same company, owned by Monsanto, has patented human breast milk. [patent: 8012509]. These corporations try to force women (and babies) to use their artificial products, instead of conventional breastfeeding. Governments try to control the body of each one of us, through the lobbying of these companies.

Cancer and obesity are becoming an increasing worldwide problem. Our food supply is getting poisoned worldwide by engineered seeds; often not tested enough on humans.

These kind of criminals are currently running the show, having the exclusive right upon many of the foods we consume. Be aware, that all this has to do with profit and not with the rights, ethics, safety or liberty of mankind.

This list contains 13 major corporate crimes, done by this company:

1- Unethical Marketing of Artificial Baby Milk
2- Exploiting Farmers
3- Union Busting
4- Promotion of GM Food
5- The Ethiopia scandal
6- Illegal extraction of groundwater
7- Pollution
8- Pyres of Burning Animals
9- Fraudulent Labeling
10- Perpetuating Sexism
11- Promoting unhealthy food
12- Promoting untested nano-technology
13- Backlashing against Fairtrade

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Maybe, we citizens, should patent air, since it’s a commodity, for those not deserving to breath…