A healthy world can only be achieved with healthy motives!

A few quotes of Dr. Rath’s Call to the people (13/03/2012)

02:11 “We will no longer allow financial interests to hoodwink and misuse us, nor stand by indifferently as they seek to realize their aim of commercial and political subjugation of whole nations by sacrificing millions of humans life.”

02:43 “We say to you, Frau Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy, and all the other political puppets of the cartel, that this modern Europe you’re trying to shove down our throats has a stink about it. It smells mouldy to us, as if it’s been lurking in the drawers of the old Kaizer and Nazi eras, when inhumane plans for European subjugation by the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel when first conceived.”

03:30 “We can also see that the road to your model of Europe, Frau Merkel, is paved with the corpses of almost a hunderd million victims of two world wars, slaughtered during former attempts by the cartel – in collaboration with your predecessors in the German Chancellorship – to gain dominion over Europe and the world.”

04:04 “Never again will there be a Europe that subjugates its people for generations, harnessing them to the financiel interests of multinationals.”

04:17 “We urge the people of Europe to build with us a democratic Europe for the people and by the people!”

04:25 “Emphatically we also say to Frau Merkel and other political puppets of the cartel: We do not need your euro! This currency fulfils only one function: as chains enslaving millions of Europeans to your economic dictatorship.”

05:21 “The politicians who are doing this to you are puppets of the billion-dollar fraudulant pharma “business with disease” that has been sucking dry your country for decades, and helped cause the financial crisis in the first place.”

05:37 “We say to you: Break the enslaving chains of the euro in your countries. Re-introduce your own national currencies. *applause*”

05:54 “To people in countries that have not yet introduced the euro we say: Keep your national currencies, for if you do not, you will enslave your country for generations to come! It will not be possible to immediately repair the financial and social damage caused in your country by the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel and its Brussels politburo. But with your national currency, at least, you have a chance to preserve your country’s independence and the dignity of your people by your own endeavours.”

06:48 “The people of Berlin, Germany and Europe have woken up and now recognise that the Brussels EU is nothing other than a third attempt by the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel to subjugate the whole of Europe and impose financial dictatorship upon it.”

08:54 “When the political agents of the cartel in Brussels and in your own capitals speak of “democracy” what they really mean is dictatorship.”

09:05 “When they speak of “prosperity” they do not mean general prosperity but the profits of the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil cartels and the banks.”

10:53 “We say to Sarkozy and other politicians who are openly threatening a first nuclear strike: The plan of perpetuating the cartel’s domination over our planet by embarking on a third world war is, from this moment on, no longer an option. Your motives and plans are now public, understandable and apparent to all – also due to today’s evening – and can therefore no longer be carried out.””

13:28 “We cannot allow ourselves to be diverted by powers that wish to continue to subjugate the human body as a billion-dollar market place.”

13:37 “Let’s be clear: these powers have no chance of survival since they have no morality, ethics or credibility”

14:15 “We are determined to save millions of human lives from cancer and other largely preventable diseases. We are determined to end the billion-dollar fraudulent pharma business with disease, which thrives on perpetuating and increasing diseases as sales markets for patentable pharma drugs…”

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GZlKxrmdyA
Speech: http://www.relay-of-life.org/speech/speech.html