Miscalculation in ancient writings, lol!

At this very moment, cults and humans are preparing to prepare for suicide, all because of a miscalculation in ancient writings, where humanity doesn’t even understand half about …

If you want to “use” science for the good, do it good, but not as irrational as 2% of the world population is doing.

Go-on, think about prepping towards the end of the world and be a pure Darwinnian example ; while 98% of the rest of the world will continue their lives towards a new fucking new-year!

Maybe it’s time to think in that new-year resolution, how to keep on living towards the future on the same planet, instead of thinking about how to prepare towards the end of the world ..

Because, ya know? If it’s going to be the end …
.. all that preparation will be worth squat to start with!

A good new-year resolution might be how to prevent overproduction, poverty, water shortage, wars instead of how to fuel the economy driving one of the next coming years towards the REAL end of this world!

Just think about it …