The problem of today is that everyone needs to fit in a category. It starts where science, faith and its added prejudice melts together to a standard for everyone. Everyone needs to belong in a certain category because everything can be statistically proven.

Even our children are being prepared to a consumption standard and to perform as best as possible. When they don’t perform well; they will be given stimulants to perform better as expected by their parents.

Those which fail to follow, will be deemed to pay the price. Today, ignorance is truely bliss; because knowledge hurts more, to see what is going on around us and not being able to do anything about it. This is the global society, where we are connected to eachother, but where we are socially more disconnected than ever.

I call statistics, categorizing, lie detectors and polls nothing more than manipulation of the highest level. They prove squat and are mostly pulled out of someones *place where the sunlight never shines* just to make things look good on paper. We got a few billion people on this planet, how can you pull a median, out of 200-500 people to start with?! This is suggestive behavior at it’s best!

My 2 (per-)cents …

What do you think?