Look at this as a long rant, a few pages from a book which you have been reading. That book is called reality and it gets to you around you in full three-dimensional projection. It gives you senses to smell, look and hear; but there is more inside of you and that’s happiness and sadness, to be frightened and attracted to which lives around us. It’s because reality is so hard to change, because it happens day after day with cause and effect, where we have so little to say in. It’s time in it’s purest form.

To explain what reality really is, we don’t have to go Kansas to see Dorothy, Reality is like a bubble, which is around you, which spreads as your bubble gets bigger. The better your ideas are, the more people that will want to be part of that bubble. The worse those ideas are, the further you want to be away from that person so you don’t get affected by the wanting and doings of that particular person.

Some people want to control our bubble, or .. well, to be at-least part of it. We call it society as it is. What we saw as impossible about 12 years ago on American reality series, is all happening at our doorsteps. Both police and criminality is adapting to the standards of today, but also how people get approached. Criminality shouldn’t be taken lightly, although there are more frequent cases than ever of errors and recklessness around Europe taking down innocent lives.

Look at the news, the ever ongoing war, traffic problems all over, the drugs wars started in the US and ongoing with at-least seven busts a day in Britain, never ending taxes, smog; people being afraid of insults, getting shot, raids and assaults by police, also happening in Belgium! Our policemen are there to help society. The civilian for the civilian with the power to work in function; not to use or abuse that particular function, like some might think with their position. Lady justice holds her balance in the middle with the blindfold on; leave her deciding which is right and wrong, not those who operate in function to aid a good working society in peace; without too much military power to oppress it’s citizens.

It is not true, that which I wish for, that reality is not true at all! Every day recklessness is demanding lives of innocents every day. Zero tolerance is which gets top priority and the principles of a true gentlemen are no more. This brings a rather bitter and bad taste in your mouth, isn’t it? Reading the true reality around you, which is happening around you while you are sitting in your warm bubble. Probably not everything will not be in that collection of oddities around your taste and likes; but the true feeling of what most around us really crave for will not be in our living quarters for a long time…

So, where did we fast-forward to a society where everyone thinks about them self, where bankers have taken over the world and countries are getting technologically locked down more secure than Fort Knox with their citizens put captive in the net of “intelligence” where others have more rights above your privacy? Oh, or didn’t I mention already, that privacy is no more for a long time? It’s like the terrorists have won and our own people who got the power to change, have taken over to keep all the others in terror…

And the world keeps going on, we keep swallowing which we are given to eat and breath and keep accepting what goes on around us. We all call it the “normal way of living”, where we deal what gets on the menu by daily base. But, for how long exactly till things get really out of hand, where everyone’s comfort is at risk? Or at least; which we used to call comfort in the old days as gentlemen, where one of the primary rules was to stay friendly to everyone at all times and discuss and relativate problems, instead of sponsoring the nearest hospital.

That reality … should not be true for any country around the world.

If you don’t like it, you can always try to bend reality to your own way by reading Quantum Space