Look through a box with a pinhole and you will see only part of which you are able to see; for as big that box really is. Remove the box and you will perceive for which your eyes will be able to see and process. You have been limited by the box and maybe even your mind, because you shouldn’t be looking trough a box in the first place. Same with thinking; try not to think in a vacuum which is created by/for you. Try to think outside the box, because that box is only just a protective vacuum of your limits.

The frequency of light will bounce against your eyeballs which gets translated in the brain to the physical object memorized by you. Mostly, you don’t remember the full details of an event which has happened years ago. Try for yourself and remember which color shirt your best friend had on your birthday ten years ago; in most cases these small details get discolored in the brain by other details. It could be even you’d remember green while the shirt was red. Try this with five years ago and the result could still be tainted.

Sound is another frequency, recognized by the brain, through a process of vibration with the ears. We try to remember as much as we can in that grey goo but still, details will get lost in time. This is because we make new neural paths in our head by the minute. So, go call me crazy in advance, but what if … our brain is a cache connected to a much bigger database and we are just being nodes of such system? I’m not talking about SciFi stories ala Matrix; but rather thinking further than that box is!

I’m not talking about the beginning of all times here, but I’m talking about the past, the present and the future. Look around you, everything you see are the decisions of you and all others around you; everything exists out of a particle of an atom in our universe. Your body is like any physical matter, it’s part of space, where reality is created by you; starting at your house. Your reality is your mind, your thoughts and the connections to any other atom on this universe.

six degrees of separation as defined at Wikipedia

six degrees of separation as defined at Wikipedia

That we are connected only with six degrees of separation should be of no surprise, since we all are connected on this world through another. Like said before “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves…”

Matter is part of a frequency. Objects are built out of atoms. Structure of matter will change when you amplify it’s frequency. Our planet, sun and solar system works on a frequency. Light is part of the visible spectrum where the frequency variates. Maybe you have felt before, time is a growing constant; look to the world, technology, our environment like melting icecaps, environmental impacts and evolution; you will see time is running faster than ever.

Our electromagnetic spectrum as defined at Wikipedia

Our electromagnetic spectrum as defined at Wikipedia

Our planet, sun and solar system all work on a frequency. Light and sound are frequencies recognizable in different ways and anything which reflects such frequency gets read by all of us on this planet through our perceptions. Not only electronic devices are having oscillators, but we, humans, are natural oscillators defined to search those which frequency matches us most.

Doesn’t that let you think about “what” we are in this universe? We are part of this universe, this planet, this little dot in the galaxy. We create reality as we live. Could it be possible, that all options possible with a decision do exist in an alternative universe as an atom? The universe could be a gigantic library of options possible where we merely selected those which we can really understand about. Our mind could be part of a gigantic library, where choices interact with eachother, just like a computer computes through algorithms.

What if some of us are possible to view such alternate realities or even possible to change the field where the atom is in it’s quantum reality; then you are in the field of time travel. What if what we really feel as fear is just a vibration of a dense frequency of which exists in an alternate universe?

Does coincidence really exist or is it just a form of alternate reality selected by how we choose to live our ways? Do we perceive time as we really do or is it just a measurement to be able to distinguish day and night? What if our protons and electrons stop contributing to technology? Would we still be able to plug-in so easy to this vast world of frequencies and physical matter?

Our space is already occupied with various of frequencies generated by our technology which is part of our evolution. I can tell my mind is sizzling with all these devices around me; I used to guess the frequency of a computer monitor by just listening to it. 72hz monitors where most annoying to me; I’m glad of this new world of LCD screens! Maybe a block in technology would clear our minds and perceive frequencies in the clear as they are long ignored by our own urge in technology? Maybe the famous 2012 would reveal this vast forgotten space of frequencies towards all? who knows….

What if our minds are connected to a central node? Or to your personal space? Our brains could be the cache in-between. Options may vary in quantum singularity because it is still just theoretically. Taking myself as example; I’m already thinking in forms of trees when I need to analyze a problem. I always analyze all pro and con’s of a solution and choose the middle way which looks best to me at that time. Only when I’ve analyzed most of the outcomes, I will take a choice. What if we got that choice stored in a way with a stash of a dozens other options?

It could be strange, but what if all those analyzed options do exist on parallel worlds around us ? …

Does this data really exist in quantum space?
Always welcome to post your own theory or reaction to this!


29/10/2009: video (consciousness) added which seems to support my theory while searching for “mind over matter” …

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