It’s always the easy way!

It’s always the easy way,
talking words through the Internet highway,
golden words, golden thougths, “the golden promise”,
although I am not exactly named Saint Thomas…

It’s always the easiest way,
mostly it doesn’t make the 21th day,
everything is so great over that computer chat,
but in real everything could be not really all that…

People try to change you in a fast draft,
while not looking to their own backyard,
then deciding things don’t go along,
and yet we got to sing this song…

It’s always the easy way,
when you can’t be changed on the third day rush away,
words get silver scrap worth an Euro ninety nine,
as if things run like everyone wishes in such a short time..

Don’t change your habits that fast,
Always let your own values and principles last,
Don’t take the easiest way,
because at the end only you will pay…

Take words not like brass,
don’t go the underpass,
talk and think words as they are silver,
mean them like golden as if you are eachothers caregiver…

Mean your words golden with a smile,
and have some patience, knowing eachother makes a while,
short term plans cannot determine your entire life,
because that’s what defines the word “no it’s my wife!!”

Respect eachother, respect your elders,
because you got eachother wisdom, be eachothers welders,
use it as a gift, don’t reject,
but embrace eachother, learn, observe and respect!

Make your world a better place,
always keep looking at yourself in the face,
because you mostly make the same mistakes rise,
and mostly not one time but even twice as nice!

Don’t get your words sold to heaven,
because they will become hot air and blow at eleven,
stand on them, talk, relativise and think,
think life as it has just given you a wink…

Learn from your problems, experiences, words and deeds,
learn from your toughts, be sure to learn from your mistakes
but never go the easy way,
by giving up, throwing everything you have built away …

If you are friends, boy or girlfriends or married in a way,
talking works only work if they are meant in every way,
if they respect your friends decisions, mind and thougth,
then you know what you’ll earn after you fought!

Still, people take the easy way,
when you hear it coming, it’s the ultimate judgement day,
it’s the step back into the past,
while the future will loose it’s final blast…

The clock is ticking, the time is now,
don’t strive to eachother but take a bow,
don’t take the easy way because it will always stay,
it will always be that easiest way!

And still, my friend, if you take that easy path,
and you decide it was “just” all that,
I did fight for a way which was for both a good stay,
if you just give up like that, you go your own damn way!

© 2007 by ZKboi, GV.