Troy, a kindof special name!

Troy … it’s kindof a special name …
I have heard it before, as the horse of Troy,
but also as Troy in the movie(2) and also with the nice vocals of Sinead O’Connor(3)(only this Troy I know is sure NOT a lawyer!)

Troy, the guy I know, is somebody I will remember for my entire life … He changed me in a lot of things, he learned me to be extrovert instead of introvert.

We had many talks together, we had a lot of common music interests, we shared a lot of time … I can really call him “my best friend” and .. as he called me a brother .. I could also call him a brother to me…

I am so happy he was there every day, someone interesting, always something new to discover, some days I could say “Troy???” …

He gave me a chance to play at the bar I work at, Rubbzz, and soon other DJ’s followed… His choice .. was godless!

He is a legend, know by many people … and will live on for a long time, and, if I could decide, lifelong. Which is worth for knowing what friendship is.

Troy, I need to say,
I miss you guy,
The times you called me G ..
You always supported me…

I supported you,
Like you did too,
I was there,
We were both honest and fair…

You trusted me like a real friend,
and I will always be happy to defend,
the person you are, as vurnerable as a child,
only you really did it, you found your freedom in the wild!

Troy, I got to give you,
You’re a wonderfull person, I kindof love you,
you are unique .. One of a kind  (1)
and will never be off my mind!

You where always correct,
sometimes you yelled, always mostly it had a nice effect,
you where that soul around us,
the friend of (R)’s!

I can always say, you deserve to be known,
I hope to see you soon,
We have seen lots of weird anomalities,
At least, lol, it was all a kind of a life tease 

Troy, rest in peace my man, have your own time,
you deserve it for sure, after those many years of fame 

(1) = Dee-lite, Unique
(2) = (imdb: Troy)
(3) = Sinead O’conner, the text does not really compare to Troy but if you want to have a nice comparisation, try “Nothing compares to you”, also by Sinead O’connor …

(4) = If I need to describe Troy, I would really say he is unique … Kindof a stubborn boy with a heart that is really on its place … Even if I might shock him with that line, he is a boy who deserves friend(s) and deserves his life to the fullest. He is a manager as I never have seen, he has supported lots of people I know, he has supported me. I have been knowing him for 5 and a half year, and almost 3 years we had a nice friendship and similar interests in music and movies. I really really needed to put this on my site, since, that boy, Troy, is being part of my life. And I wish him a very good journey… and whatever he decides to stay or to come back, he will always be welcome around here. I promise that!.

If you come back, you will have a huge welcome party with everyone, if you stay, I wish you a very happy life “live long and prosper”! (lol! you know we are the only ones who can do that Vulcan thing !! lol!!)…