Definition of a true friend

Definition of a friend?

All I want is someone to trust,
putting your worries to dust,
Words are free, nothing to withold,
whenever they could be warm or cold…

Someone being able to know,
someone who listens, ready to bow,
Where feelings are one,
someone that takes ready-to-bow equally as poke fun…

Someone to be proud to have,
that one thats ready to save,
Someone I know we will never leave,
just that one thing that makes life a relief!

That one that is there,
even when you are flying above the clouds,
above the world, above the sky, in the air,
The one I will give my word of ‘I will be there’!

It’s such a filling feeling,
the one that gets you off (or on) the ceiling,
That one that sometimes brings mess,
being to be able to confess …

Someone who you could trust your tiny life,
even if he is man or wife,
A word is worth a 1000 lines of feelings,
you’d better be less on those ceilings !

He accepts you whoever you are,
Whenever you like the sun, the moon or any star,
Defends you whatever you stand for,
The one you want to be in front of your door!

A word of honesty towards eachother,
someone which will sometimes bother,
slight compassian, twist of humor,
He’ll bother you back anyways, just don’t get a tumor!

A friend you could never leave,
That one that always gives you a relieve,
Hope seeing him back soon again,
That’s a true friend, that one that’s most humane!

Well, such friend,
There is always that fifty/fifty procent,
Whenever even when you need to get or need to pay,
You will always be gay, that number (1) !!!

Written by ZKboi,
Don’t treat friendship as a toy,
This text can be used everywhere and anywhere,
if U send to someone else!

1 GAY: bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer;
“a cheery hello”; “a gay sunny room”; “a sunny smile”…
(ref: Princeton Wordnet)

“Definition of a true friend?”
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