Almost beaten to death …

Saturday night, 14th may 2004, me, Pi (my soulmate) and Jo (a good friend who wanted a ride to central station) went to my car. At the other end of the street there are 2 heavy men with black uniforms walking towards us.

Jo wanted to close the door while I was already standing at the door of the drivers side. Suddenly the 2 guys jump to the door of Jo, pull it open and the guys start to bash Jo in my car by kicking in his face with combats.

Pi was sitting in the back all safe, Jo tried to protect himself and I did not know what was happening when I saw it happening through my window of the car. Jo and Pi heard them shouting “vuile flikker” (which means “filthy faggot”).

I was getting very scared they where going to kick Jo to death and tried to intervene. One of the guys went to me and started kicking with his fists on my face, nose and throat, kicking inbetween the groin, …

I ran away (else I was being severely beaten) and the 2 guys ran out of the street. A mate I see when I go out saw everything happening in front of his car; I asked him to follow these guys directly. 15 minutes we have been following both guys till they splitted. Another 7 minutes we have been following one of the guys around the Katoennatie in Antwerpen.

That man tried everything to shake us off, trying to run back, crawling behind a bus, waiting on the corner and running like hell, ….

While we where following I was waiting +7 minutes in hold on the policeline (which is a scandal to my opinion) to hear they do not have any policeman available to help us. I had to redial 4 times because there were still no agents available.

After 22 minutes we saw a policecar passing by (which was FREE and not even knowing what was going on!?!) and I jumped out (the still driving car) and started shouting and holding the police that they needed to arrest the guy we where following. That guy was arrested and currently already back on the streets.

When one of the guys was hitting me on the throat I pulled away and that guy hitted me on not even a centimeter next to my adamsappel. After the doctor examined me it seemed that he aimed on a deadly spot. (I’M ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!). I didn’t even feel the kick in my groin (UGH?) and I also wonder if this wasn’t “a attempt of murder”. Considering how they where kicking with boots in Jo’s face and tried to kick me straight on my adamsappel.

I had a little cut in my throat causing me to bleed inside (which is going a little bit too far to my opinion). My car is broken on my brake, cellular phone, gearshift, outside.

They did it probably for fun, the kick, because we did not have any contact with these guys, we didn’t even know them.

I really wanted atleast 1 guy to be taken into custody, he’s Belgian and the 2nd one I don’t know anything about. The other guy had a black shirt with round logo on his back, short hair and is for as far as I know not been found. One is arrested at the Katoennatie.

Jo was quite beaten on his head, his hips where fully blue and there were 3 minor cuts on his head and a brain-shake. I had a blue eye, my throat was damaged, head, nose and inbetween my legs.

I think I hereby informed enough about the current condition of:

(1) how this society is these days and
(2) what the current condition of my health is.

I have difficulties living in such demotivating society where you NEED to learn how to beat to survive.


25 may 2004 – 29 may 2004
At night I was getting very sick. Vomiting blood, oversensitive (pain) for light and sounds and fevers of 39 degrees celcius. This probably because of infection in my throat.

30 may 2004
my fever has dropped to normal levels, 37-37.5 celcius, my head still hurts like hell and I am less sensitive to light and sounds. I am still caughing up blood.

well .. this update is one year later 2 september 2005 … The guys got free from everything, the lady justice has her blindfold on proving she is really blind!