A lot of people ask me what I do in life, my hobbies, etc… I will try to make things more clear about myself in this article. I also try to let you know how I think, what my values are in life.

I am a very complex somebody, I have my own words, my own ways, my own thoughts and my own way of acting. I do not consider myself part of any selective society. I am part of a lot of cultures on this world. I consider myself most to be skater because of my clothes and my hobbies. I do not consider myself to be 100% pure Belgian. Do I actually belong on this planet???

I like freedom, I like artistic behavior. Being artistic is a free expression of the mind. A lot of people are artistic in one or another way. I like to do it audio-visually mostly.

Honesty is the best way to go:

Lying, cheating, discrimination, racism, naivety, ignorance and superficiality are things I see (and feel) daily. I will never support these kinds of behavior; I’d rather die alone than living in a ignorant world.

This article has been changed. Certain topics have been taken out because there are people out there with malicious purpose. Since I cannot be completely open towards the world and protect my life at the same time I decided to censor my own article for a bit. I am sorry, if you want to know more about me you will need to ask me. This text has been adapted and updated from the original text created on March 4, 2004.

My hobbies
My hobbies are mostly being artistic …

  • I draw…
    a lot of example drawings were before at Project (A)(R)(T).
    I also like to do graphics design.
  • Philosophy is a nice way of living too;
    Since I am a thinker, I tweak myself on my own values in life, I think and learn about my mistakes and victories in live …
  • I like to skate and swim.
  • I like to sleep;
    my bed is holy (since I don’t sleep a lot).
  • I like to watch movies;
    Some favorite movies are Donnie Darko, The Never Ending Story, Memento, Requim for a Dream, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Dark City, Indiana Jones, Dune, Pulp Fiction, …
  • I make music, I collect music, I love music.
    I am quite strange though with which style I like. I am totally not commercial and I never listen to the radio because I do not like to be brainwashed with the newest tunes for about 5 times a day …
  • I like artistic photography;
    have lots of (new) ideas and once I will be working on these ideas if I find a good photographer who can understand my toughts.

What do I like or dislike?
Tastes differ and probably this list is waaaaay far from done but it’s better to start somewhere instead of starting nowhere …

  • I like milk, green tea, SPA blue (no other!).
    Sometimes I like to drink Fanta, glennlivet, glennfiddich, Stoley and Tequilla (since it doesn’t affect my mind too much).
  • I dislike narrow minded people, demotivation, intolerance, discrimination, racism, hatred, …
  • I like steak, turkey, bananas, chicken, spinash, oranges, salad, yoghurt, cherrys, cheese, mussels, herring, salmon, fries, cheeseburger, and this list goes on …
  • I dislike sprouts, asperges, anything of internal organs, beans, beer (tastes like pee!), gin (tastes like vomit!), …
  • I like to be organized but doesn’t work out always  😉
  • I dislike psychological games, fights, loud/noisy people, superficiality …

This list is way far from finished but as I told, anything is better to start with …

Now you know what to get me as drink when you see me *evil grin*.

How do I look on the inside?
Messy for sure, I am sure I have a heart, a pair of lungs, blood vessels and do I really need to continue describing how I look like on the inside? To be more specific .. I look “tough” on the outside (which is my protective shell) and I am quite “soft” on the inside …

  • I am quite shy in a lot of ways.
  • I am very open minded.
  • I am overprotective towards myself.
  • I am very open in thoughts.
    If anything is wrong I will sure tell.
  • I am someone who lives on feelings and emotions.
    It’s a tough life ya know …
  • I am stubborn.
  • I can be naughty.
  • I am loyal.
  • I am trustworthy.
  • I am sometimes (too) messy.
  • I need to be “free” in thoughts, words and have my own way of living.
  • I am having regular depressions.
  • I got ADHD and ASS (Autism)
  • I don’t got any prejudice towards race, sex or color.

My Hobbies

  • I used to work in the Internet world (ISP, Hosting, Design, …).
  • I used to work as bartender and DJ @ Rubbzz for 10 years!
    It’s a very interesting job, sure because you meet and talk with people “in another perspective”…
  • Currently I’m having my focus on getting my autism under control
  • audio-visual productions and studies

Certain norms and values I have
This is a subject I had removed years ago; Because it had too much information which could be used against me. There are unfortunately people with malicious intents on this world and I already have met one who has tried to use this information on a bad way.

If you want to know me you will have to talk to me or meet me in person.

To tell you in short what used to be in this topic:
No-one is perfect; I have respect for anybody/anything on this world; violence is the voice of the ignorant heart; I’ll never put anyone in danger; prejudice is bad; I like to observe; I will do anything to protect myself: my mind, my soul, my body and the one I love; I have positive and negative sides and if you are that much interested in those sides, you better get to meet/talk to me ASAP.

I hope this was an interesting and descent answer on the questions “Who am I, and what do I do in life?”… If you got any other questions or remarks you can always mail me and I will add them to this list.

ZKboi (updated slightly in 2016)