A poem to a personal friend

What if your heart was a teddybear,
I would not be able to get away or to get near,
So I would need to hug you as close as your heart,
That’s how nice you are, you are somebody apart…

This is not a poem of love,
though a certain freedom I felt .. like a flying dove,
free in the sky, a pleasant feeling, a pleasant stay,
I find it nice to make you that bit happy, all the way …

Don’t be afraid, I won’t be touching your heart,
I am just feeling confident with you as a friend apart,
I am sometimes having the feelings to hug somebody,
and that would be rather you than anybody…

Short poem for somebody I dare to respect,
A poem from somebody with words that give a big effect,
A poem for somebody who is nice and sweet,
A poem from somebody who does not want you to be sad with any need!

From Me to You !