A lot of people ask me what the origin is of my name ZKboi.

This is a rather long story. My name comes from Freaker. This nick I am using already since my 12th birthday. This because I was a freak on PC’s and music. I am also kindof different than other people.

Freak’r, Da wildchild
My name Freaker is still being used but more in a professional way. The name DJ Freaker – wildchild (site) was a name I got from my grandmother because I used to be “wild” in my childhood.

Fr17 … Fr20kat
At the same time I got the name “FrXX” and “FrXXkat” where the XX was my age. It started at Fr14 and ended at Fr20kat.

In the meantime I had my name “SKittyKat” in use as well. This because the Fr* story was too obvious with my age and I liked that name better.

ZKittyKat .. ZKittyBoi
I changed that name to ZKittyKat and ZKittyBoi at my 17th because people thougth I was female (because the “skitty” and the “kat” in the name). I used the Boi part because I am young (in heart and actions!).

In overall, to explain a few parts of my name …

I used “kat” because:

  • I am a leo (15 aug)
  • like to drink (a lot of) milk
  • like nighttime a lot more than daytime
  • the moon is my ally
  • I like cats (especially this one)
  • I can be sweet though can groooaaaar as well! (literally)
  • I won’t bite though am not scared to use my nails when needed! (not literally)
  • I’m a skater – so “zkitty” and “zkater” …

Next to that I am using ZKboi because I like to change my “larger” name sometimes. I use ZKittyBoi and ZKaterBoi sometimes, just to “define” my mood.

Originally I was using ZKBoi though because I have been breaking a trademark I needed to change to ZKboi. So, now you know why my name ZKboi is being used.